DCEMS is the primary emergency medical provider for the residents of Delaware County

Delaware County Emergency Medical Services (DCEMS) Overview

Service Area and Coverage:

  • Primary Role: DCEMS is the main provider of emergency medical services (EMS) in Delaware County, offering only emergency response services with no scheduled transports.
  • Service Area: Covers 459 square miles.
  • Annual Calls: Responds to over 7,000 calls annually.
  • Response Time: Aims to provide service within 4 to 8 minutes of any call for assistance.

Staff and Structure:

  • Total Staff:
    • 120 full-time employees.
    • Approximately 10 part-time staff.
  • EMS Units:
    • 11 Advanced Life Support (ALS) transport ambulances.
    • 2 Quick-Response Captain’s vehicles.
  • Operational Shifts:
    • Structured into three 24-hour shifts.
    • Each shift includes:
      • 2 Captains responsible for all daily operations.
      • 1 Lieutenant for each of the 11 ALS crews, providing operational and clinical oversight at emergency scenes.

Leadership and Administration:

  • Leadership Team:
    • Chief: Executive Officer of the department.
    • Assistant Chiefs: Two, assisting the Chief in operations.
    • Captains: Eight, with six overseeing daily operations as field supervisors, and two focused on training and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).
    • Coordinators: Three, overseeing fiscal management, logistics, compliance, HIPAA, and external training.


  • DCEMS collaborates with all fire and law enforcement agencies in Delaware County to ensure timely and quality care.

Station Locations:

  • Stations are strategically located throughout the county to ensure quick response times.
  • Residents can refer to the County Map to find the station closest to their location.

For further details on the leadership team, visit the Administration page on the DCEMS website.