As the primary emergency medical provider for the more than 184,000 residents of Delaware County, DCEMS is a professional “emergency-only” agency provided by the Delaware County Board of Commissioners.


We are the second largest provider of Emergency Medical Services in Central Ohio.

The Department’s Operational Staff is structured into three 24-hour shifts. Each shift consists of two Captains, who report to the Assistant Chief, and are responsible for all daily operations, and a Lieutenant for each of ten ALS crews, each responsible for the operational and clinical oversight of individual emergency scenes.

The goal of DCEMS is to provide quality emergency medical patient care to the residents and visitors of our County.

DCEMS is an emergency only service, and provides no scheduled transports. In an effort to achieve this goal, we locate our stations in strategic areas of the county to provide service within 4 to 8 minutes of any call for assistance. To find the station closest to your home, check our County Map.



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Delaware County EMS – “Medic 3”

Medic 3 is an ’10 Ford F-450 built by Horton.
It responds from Station Three in Lewis Center

Delaware County EMS Assistant Chief – “Chief 461”

Delaware County EMS Assistant Chief drives an ’06 Ford Explorer. He responds from the Administrative Offices in the City of Delaware

Delaware County EMS – “Medic 1”

Medic 1 is an ’12 International built by Horton.
It responds from Station One in the City of Delaware